Workflow & Backup for Busy Pro Photographers

Sold out!

  • Better image quality in the same or less time.
  • How to build the most effective backup systems and keep them affordable.
  • Solutions for challenging post-processing situations, dealing with mixed light, and other deep Lightroom develop module tools.
  • Stop relying on canned presets – learn to build your own, so that your work is truly your work.
  • Thursday, August 27th, 2:30pm – 6:30pm @ Blu Bungalow in SF
    2068 Union St., San Francisco, CA, 94123

Are you ready to pour rocket fuel on your Lightroom workflow and post processing, all while improving image quality and insuring your images are absolutely secure from the next hard drive crash?

There are faster workflows, but they cut corners with regard to data security. You’ll learn to be organized in such a way that even if your Lightroom catalog were to blow up, you’d be able to recover 90+% of your processing and organization simply by the importing the image files to a new catalog. We’ll also talk about what your backup system should look like, how to maintain a minimum number  of copies, and free tools that simplify keeping your backups current.

This $400 value workshop is launching at only $90 and there’s only one seat left.

Sold out!
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So who am I, and why do I know what I’m talking about?  I was the lead Systems Administrator and technical adviser to CSU East Bay’s graduate and undergraduate art departments for 5 years.  Next I spent 4 years teaching, followed by 5+ years as a full time photographer, and for the past year I’ve been a member of Adobe’s internal pre-release testing team for Lightroom, providing quality and feature feedback directly to the devs who build the product.

In response to demand from clients who have already benefited from my help, I’m launching workshops in a supportive classroom environment.  Seating is limited to 10 max, so don’t wait too long to sign up.  This will take some of what I presented at my talk at Adobe SF in December, and build it out into a full start-to-finish workflow, complete with a conversation about backup systems and data integrity.

Training will start with importing, and include culling, Lightroom post-processing, and backup steps, so that you get an optimal balance of speed, organization, image quality, and data security. You’ll also have a chance to try brand-new hardware from PaletteGear. There will also be mountains of “I didn’t know Lightroom could do that!” moments, and more solutions for handling tough color-correcting situations.

This workshop assumes that you’re at least conceptually familiar with Lightroom, so it’s not appropriate for a complete beginner.

Questions?  Please email Gavin.

I look forward to empowering your workflow.