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Lightroom CC / 6 Also Does Vertical Panoramas

Yes, Lightroom CC / 6 can stitch vertical panos.  Larry asked this question after watching my YouTube video about panorama stitching with Adobe Lightroom, so I thought an actual sample would be better than a simple “yes.”  Here’s a vertical pano I shot back in 2011, which merged without a hitch in Lightroom CC / 6.

The merge preview of a stitched vertical panorama from Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger size.
Finished vertical panorama stitched by Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger version.


Make Lightroom Show a Grid Overlay while making Manual Lens Corrections

I don’t know why I didn’t find this before. I’ve often wished for it, but it turns out it’s been there all along.

You know how Lightroom shows you a grid overlay while making rotation corrections to the crop?  You can get it to do the same thing while making manual adjustments in the Lens Corrections panel.

  1. From the Develop Module, open the Lens Corrections panel, then go to the Manual section.
  2. Look for the grey bar at the bottom of the main window.  If you have the filmstrip open, it’s on top of it.  This bar probably shows star ratings, color tags, and zoom controls.
  3. At the far right end of the bar is a simple down arrow/triangle.  Click it.
  4. From the menu, place a check next to “grid overlay.”
  5. A grid overlay control appears next to the zoom slider on the grey bar.  Change “Show Grid” from “Never” to “Auto.”

Now it’s much simpler to line up horizontal and vertical lines!

I discovered this on Lightroom 5.  It likely exists in Lightroom 4, and perhaps even earlier, but I don’t have any way to verify.  Please comment below you’re using other versions and can or can’t find it!