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Lightroom CC/6: Uninstall Now Required

Heads-up Mac users.  Adobe is now stating that beginning with Lightroom CC 2015 (AKA Lightroom 6,) if you need to reinstall the app,  you now MUST use the uninstall utility.  Windows users have been doing this for years, so life doesn’t change for them.  Mac users, however, are generally accustomed to dragging the application folder into the trash.

Going forward with Lightroom, Adobe doesn’t want you to do that.

Any time you want to uninstall Lightroom beginning with CC 2015 / 6, you must use the uninstaller.  Do not drag the folder to the trash.

This does not affect Lightroom 5, which you may have installed alongside the new version CC / 6.

This also does not affect dot releases.  Now that Lightroom CC is officially and thoroughly embedded into the CC utility, dot releases will be delivered as a patch through the CC utility.  There’s no need to uninstall the previous version in this case.