Canon 5d mark III Shutter Replacement

My 5d mk 3 finally crossed the 150,000 cycle mark on its shutter actuations, so I sent it off to Canon’s Irvine service center for replacement.  Do people go way past 150,000 actuations without any trouble?  Sure.  But people also go past 60,000 miles on their car without replacing the timing belt.  If you’re a casual photographer who doesn’t depend on your camera to pay bills, you may not care about the 150,000 actuation mark.  Might as well run the thing until it breaks down, and you actually have to pay the bill.  For me, the idea of my shutter jamming up in the middle of a wedding is the stuff nightmares are made of.  Sure I have other cameras, but why invite risk? Continue reading “Canon 5d mark III Shutter Replacement”

Canon 5d mark II Shutter Replacement

Moving parts wear out, and camera shutters are no different.  Just like the timing belt in a car, there is a life cycle after which all camera manufacturers suggest replacing the shutter inside your camera.  Can you wait for it to fail before replacing it?  Sure.  But if the prospect of throwing a shutter leaf while on the job is too risky, then you may want to be more proactive. Continue reading “Canon 5d mark II Shutter Replacement”