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Workshop Launch

  • Better image quality in the same or less time.
  • How to build the most effective backup systems and keep them affordable.
  • Solutions for challenging post-processing situations, dealing with mixed light, and other deep Lightroom develop module tools.

ProTogTech is launching it’s first ever workflow and backup systems workshop in San Francisco on August 27th!  Come join the fun and learn a lot.  Details at https://protogtech.com/workflow-backup-for-photographers-beta-workshop-2015/

Images Appear Fine, Then Suddenly Corrupted in Lightroom

Have you ever imported images into Adobe Lightroom and they looked fine for a split second, then after just a moment suddenly they started to corrupt?  Or maybe you looked carefully at your images on the back of the camera where the looked fine, and they even looked fine in File Explorer or Finder, but then when you open them in Photoshop or ACR, suddenly they didn’t look fine anymore.

In a nutshell, have you ever seen images go from this:

Image courtesy of and copyright 2015 Jennifer Graham
Image courtesy of and copyright 2015 Jennifer Graham

to this:

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Correct / Remove Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Lightroom

Chromatic Aberration, purple fringing, green fringing, CA… call it what you will, it can be really distracting in an otherwise beautiful image.

Purple fringing in a photograph shot at f/1.6

How do you remove it, and can Adobe Lightroom simplify the process?  It sure can, and I’ve made a quick video to help you understand Lightroom’s defringe tool, how to use it, and what to watch out for when you do.  As with all my Lightroom Minute videos, this one is quite short so you can get back to work rather than listening to some blow-hard for 20 minutes trying to get to just the 1 minute of content that you really need.  If you appreciate the brevity, please subscribe to my channel and consider sharing this article.

Adobe Lightroom 6 Perpetual License

Yes, there is a perpetual license version of “Lightroom CC 2015” available.  Unsurprisingly Adobe named it “Lightroom 6.”  The names are different, but the two are largely the same except that the non-CC (aka “perpetual”) version does not provide access to Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web.

Adobe is marketing the cloud subscription model with all its might so you may find it difficult to locate any mention of the perpetual version, but it does exist.  I’ll put up a direct link as soon as I have one, but for now  Go to Adobe’s Lightroom product page, scroll all the way to the bottom, and look for the “buy now” button in the box for Lightroom 6 Standalone.  You can also try using this direct link, which will add one copy directly to your shopping cart.  In either case, it will default to the full version with a price (as of this moment) of $149.00.  Once it’s in your cart, you can click the “Edit” button in the upper right to change it to an upgrade version for $79.00.  Upgrade pricing is available to anyone who owns any version of Lightroom 1 through 5.  These links are only for Adobe’s “ESD” (Electronic Software Download) version, which lets you download the installer online, but does not include physical media.

[Edit 1: Some have noticed that you won’t see the option to buy the perpetual version if you are logged into your Adobe account.  Try logging out and then reloading the Adobe Lightroom product page.  To clarify, this page will not show you the Buy Now option if you are logged into an Adobe account.]

[Edit 2: After changing from the Full version to the Upgrade version, you’ll need to tell it which version you currently own before you’ll see the lower price reflected in the shopping cart.]

[Edit 3: The link for a perpetual version in the UK appears to be here.  I’m not UK based, but I hope this helps.  Thanks to @UK_Richard for the link.]

If you take regular advantage of both Lightroom and Photoshop upgrades, you may save some money by subscribing to the Creative Cloud Photography plan.

Adobe Lightroom User Group Presentation

In case you missed it due to the rain, Adobe has posted a link to the video from the Lightroom talk I gave on 12/2/2014.  (Please be patient, it’s a little slow to load.)  I probably over-scheduled myself and tried to fit too much into the hour, so it’s great that there’s a video for anyone who wants to review.  During the talk I showed a slide with a bare-bones version of my workflow.  Here it is again so you don’t have to go through the video to find it. Continue reading Adobe Lightroom User Group Presentation

Adobe LightRoom Smart Collections – Boolean OR Rules

As a wedding photographer, my Lightroom catalog contains both my photos, and photos taken by my second photographer.  I use stars to mark images that I may want to consider for blogging or adding to my portfolio later.  Images that go into my blog may include photos from the second photographer so that I can show off the story-telling of the day.  However I never ever put images from a second photographer into my portfolio – these are only images that came from my own hands and eyeballs.

To facilitate portfolio review, I have a smart collection that gathers all images with 4 or more stars.  But how to also filter by images shot by me?  For my workflow, the solution is the camera serial number.

The problem is that I shoot on multiple bodies.  There are three serial numbers in my database that all lead to images I shot.  At first, I tried building a smart collection that looks like this:

This smart collection ruleset finds no images at all, because it tries to identify files that have both the 1111 and the 2222 serial number in a single image.
This smart collection ruleset finds no images at all, because it tries to identify cameras that have both the 1111 and the 2222 serial number in a single image.

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Photosmith for iPad – A Brief Reaction

This isn’t a full-fledged review of the Photosmith app, because frankly I couldn’t get deep enough to learn as much as I would have liked.  On my iPad 3, it crashes so often as to be useless.

To be fair, Photosmith promises to be many things that I’d love to have.  A way to cull and rate images from LightRoom on my iPad?  Yes please!  I don’t need heavy-duty color correction, just let me select the best from the thousands of images that come out of a day of wedding photography.

There are two pieces to Photosmith.  The app on the iPad is the first piece, and the plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the other.  Using the Photosmith plugin, Lightroom can export JPG files that are linked to the RAWs in your Lightroom master library.  You can then change the ratings, colors, tags, and rotation of the images in your iPad, and those changes will later sync back to the RAWs in Lightroom. Continue reading Photosmith for iPad – A Brief Reaction