Photosmith for iPad – A Brief Reaction

This isn’t a full-fledged review of the Photosmith app, because frankly I couldn’t get deep enough to learn as much as I would have liked.  On my iPad 3, it crashes so often as to be useless.

To be fair, Photosmith promises to be many things that I’d love to have.  A way to cull and rate images from LightRoom on my iPad?  Yes please!  I don’t need heavy-duty color correction, just let me select the best from the thousands of images that come out of a day of wedding photography.

There are two pieces to Photosmith.  The app on the iPad is the first piece, and the plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the other.  Using the Photosmith plugin, Lightroom can export JPG files that are linked to the RAWs in your Lightroom master library.  You can then change the ratings, colors, tags, and rotation of the images in your iPad, and those changes will later sync back to the RAWs in Lightroom. Continue reading “Photosmith for iPad – A Brief Reaction”

Dual Screen On The Road

I use a multi-monitor setup at home on my primary computer for all my Photoshop and Lightroom work.  I love it, and it’s true what they say: once you go multi, you never go back.

Multiple screens can spoil you so bad, in fact, that you’ll never again feel as productive on your laptop.  (Oh the curse of first-world problems, amiright?)

So how can I get a similar experience on the road, without lugging along a huge screen?  And in the process of solving this issue, can I perhaps improve the color accuracy so I can get some color work done, too?  Yes and yes. Continue reading “Dual Screen On The Road”