Hello World

Pro photographers deal with some unique computing needs.  There are plenty of small business tech consultants and support options available, but few of them understand the demands of photographers who are producing huge volumes of RAW files.  Many of us have big-business storage needs on small-business or home-office budgets.

Hi.  My name is Gavin, and I’m a pro shooter just like you.  With one exception.  I grew up building my own computers from scratch.  I pursued a creative degree in college, but upon graduation I’d built such a reputation for being the “nerd who fixes the computers in class” that the head of the department at my university approached me with a job offer.  Suddenly I wasn’t the creative I’d thought I would become; I was the guy who specialized in supporting creatives and their unique computing environments.

After I.T., I spent some time in education, and I’m going to apply that experience to making technology easy and approachable.

Today I’m a full time photographer, but I still do consulting and support work for my photographer friends.  This blog is about the tricks and developments that I discover along the way.

There are plenty of resources for discovering the latest cameras and delving into their pros and cons.  I may occasionally post about some of those things (Canon firmware updates come to mind,) but primarily I’ll be talking about other things like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, storage solutions, performance tricks, and other non-camera technologies that impact our workflow.  I’m particularly excited to jump into the recently announced Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta.

Join me here, on Twitter, and on Facebook @ProTogTech for intelligent and useful discussions about our technology world.  If you have a good idea for a post please send it to me, or consider becoming a guest author!  I can be reached at protogtechatgavinfarringtondotcom (Spammers be damned! Arrr~)  (…Yes… I typed that in a pirate accent.)

2 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. Very excited about this blog. I think this is definitely a niche that has not been filled.

    Now that LR4 came out, I need to get a new computer (my current one is Windows XP and I really do not want to reinstall everything), so I am thinking about getting a laptop with Windows 7, so I can also use it for teethered shooting. Would love to know your recommendations for a good laptop. Thanks!

  2. Hi Anonymous, thanks for coming by.

    Laptops can be so tricky precisely because you CAN'T do a high degree of part customization. For example, the screen it comes with is the screen it comes with. Why don't you send me a message on G+, Twitter, or Facebook. I'd like to know a little more about what role your laptop plays. Primary computer? On-the-road stand-in for your desktop? Does it need to be super portable, or is a little weight ok? Etc.

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