Canon Error 30

I took a spill while on a shoot yesterday, and my camera and my pride got a bit of a knock.

Immediately after “the incident” my camera appeared to be working fine, but a few minutes later the camera froze up with Error 30 on the screen, along with the usual suggestions that you try turning the power on and off, or removing and reinserting the battery.  Power cycling didn’t work.  Removing the batteries (I’m using the battery grip, thus the plural) worked for a few shots, then the error came back.  I repeated this process a few times before completely taking the camera apart (lens & batteries) and letting it rest a moment.  After putting it back together everything has been working fine.

Still, with another shoot coming up tomorrow night, I’m feeling a wee bit nervous, so I called CPS to speak with a tech.  According to them, Error 30 is a shutter malfunction.  The phone tech asked a number of questions, then addressed the elephant in the room.  “Have you taken a lot of pictures on this camera?”  A few months ago when I had it in to the Irvine service center (they’re about forty minutes away from me, so I drove it over myself) they told me it was showing over 130,000 cycles, and that I would likely need a shutter rebuild/replacement “pretty soon.”

After sharing that information with the tech, he told me that if the camera is working now he would just keep using it, but to “keep an eye on it.”  He also advised me to take it by the service center some time in the next couple of weeks at my convenience.

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