Canon 5d mark II Shutter Replacement

Moving parts wear out, and camera shutters are no different.  Just like the timing belt in a car, there is a life cycle after which all camera manufacturers suggest replacing the shutter inside your camera.  Can you wait for it to fail before replacing it?  Sure.  But if the prospect of throwing a shutter leaf while on the job is too risky, then you may want to be more proactive.

I had no idea how much to anticipate my shutter rebuild would cost.  Before I walked in to the Canon Express Service Center in Irvine, I had imagined somewhere between $400 and $600.  Imagine how pleased I was when, after running my CPS Gold membership and applying the 30% discount to the part and labor, the receptionist handed me a quote for $227.08.  (Thank you CPS, this one service just paid your annual dues and then some.)

Don’t take my experience as a quote, or as an indicator of how much you should expect to pay.   I just wanted to share what happened in my situation.

For what it’s worth, it can get more expensive.  The receptionist told me that the first shutter replacement is less expensive than the second, which replaces not only the shutter, but also the mirror box.  That mirror box is in the ballpark of $200 for the part.

Have you had your shutter replaced?  What camera, and how much did it cost?


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