Why Don’t Lightroom 6 Perpetual Licensees Get The New Features In Lightroom CC 2015.1?

It’s a valid question, and I’m sure one that will cause plenty of anti Creative Cloud-ers to beat the drum of hostility once again.

In case you missed the news, there were two or three new features in the recent new dot-release for Lightroom.  If you’re on a traditional license, you’d call this Lightroom 6.1.  If you’re a Creative Cloud subscriber, you’d call this Lightroom CC 2015.1.  You can read more about the new features in Lightroom here.

As it turns out, there’s more to it than just a push to migrate everyone to the subscription model.

An expert in corporate finance is at the top of the list of things that I am not.  However my understanding is that under current US law, Adobe cannot legally add features to a product that it has already sold.  Here’s a link that explains it far better than I can.  Suffice to say, with the financial reforms the US implemented about ten years ago, once a product has been released, only maintenance releases may be performed after the customer has paid for the product.

Had this article not been pointed out to me by the Sr. Customer Success Manager at Adobe France, I’m sure I never would have even known this interesting little tidbit of corporate accounting law.

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