Mixing CC and Perpetual Software Licenses for Adobe & Lightroom

This is likely a fringe case, but some of you may have Creative Cloud licensed software that does not include Adobe Lightroom.  How do you get Lightroom to register with a perpetual license even though you have the Creative Cloud utility installed, and the Lightroom trial defaults to a CC subscription?

Consider this scenario:

Maxine has a CC license for Adobe Illustrator on her computer.  She recently downloaded the trial for Lightroom 6 (the stand-alone version,) but noticed that after installing it, it was branded as Lightroom CC 2015.  Maxine prefers to have a perpetual license for Lightroom rather than a CC subscription.  What can she do?

First, if you’re still in the trial phase, you might as well let the trial run itself out.  All trial versions of Lightroom 6 assume that they will ultimately be CC licensed, and so they brand themselves this way.  That’s partly because installing the trial requires you to log in with your Adobe ID, even if you don’t have an ongoing paid Creative Cloud account.  This doesn’t matter, because the trial will run for its duration regardless.

Once the trial runs out, (or before if you prefer,) open Lightroom.  Go to the Help menu, and choose “sign out.”  Restart Lightroom, and you’ll see the trial countdown screen.  On that screen, click the “license this software” button to enter the serial number.

You should now have a perpetual / traditional / stand-alone licensed copy of Adobe Lightroom 6 functioning in parallel with your creative cloud licensed version of other Adobe applications.

Here’s an article on how to buy a perpetual Adobe Lightroom 6 license with a serial number.

Due to the complexity of the above software configuration, I have not had a chance to test this myself.  The information comes directly from Adobe, however, so it’s my hope that this is accurate.  Did it work for you?  Did it not?  Leave me a comment below!

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[EDIT] Adobe just released this help article on the topic.

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