Lightroom CC / 6 Also Does Vertical Panoramas

Yes, Lightroom CC / 6 can stitch vertical panos.  Larry asked this question after watching my YouTube video about panorama stitching with Adobe Lightroom, so I thought an actual sample would be better than a simple “yes.”  Here’s a vertical pano I shot back in 2011, which merged without a hitch in Lightroom CC / 6.

The merge preview of a stitched vertical panorama from Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger size.
Finished vertical panorama stitched by Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger version.


3 thoughts on “Lightroom CC / 6 Also Does Vertical Panoramas”

    1. Hi Tony. I didn’t demonstrate the steps because they’re exactly the same as a horizontal pano. There’s no switch or rotation or anything to change. If your vertical pano isn’t stitching, my guess is it’s not because it’s a vertical – there’s something about it that wouldn’t stitch as a horizontal, either. Try shooting a few more and test them out.

      1. everytime I stitch vertical pano I rotate them in the direction so I have them from right to left, I also do the lens correction and make sure I have them all exposed the same.. I believe Ctrl+alt+shift+M is the shortcut for this.. Why? I have 1.4Ghz processor and when I do the panorama I want to make sure I did my best to help lightroom solve it out. I have read hundred times that matching exposures doesn´t matter but when I did that with vertically shot nightscapes it turned out that matching exposures helped lightroom to stich the pano. It was my fourth round and finally it did the trick.

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