Lightroom 6, “Features & Updates Not Included”

Some took notice of unusual wording around the “Buy now” button of Lightroom 6 (the name for the traditional / perpetual / standalone / non-CC version of Lightroom CC 2015).  This wording has since changed, but for the first day it read (in part) “feature updates not included.”  The wording has since been changed to read simply, “mobile capabilities not included,” but it was up long enough to cause the conspiracy theorists to start beating the drums.


Some were saying that Adobe would not fix bugs or add new camera support.  If this had you worried, hit the jump to read more.

I reached out to Adobe for official comment.  While Adobe does not intend to add mobile features to Lightroom 6 in the future (features which will constantly evolve for Lightroom CC,) they do intend to continue supporting it in much the same manner as for Lightroom 5.  I quote:

Dot releases for both Creative Cloud and standalone will include bug fixes, camera and lens support.

So if you were worried that Adobe intended to sell you Lightroom 6.0, then never support you again, I hope this allays your fears.

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