Dehaze Presets for Lightroom 6.1 and Later

Dehaze was introduced in the latest Lightroom CC 2015.1 dot release.  If you’re a perpetual user (AKA Lightroom 6.1,) you did not get access to the dehaze slider.  But there are still “hacks” to get around it…

The rendering engine is the same whether you have Lightroom 6.1 or CC 2015.1.  That means that if someone on CC applies dehaze, then sends the file to someone on 6.1, the image will still have the Dehaze adjustments applied.  The 6.1 user simply cannot access the slider to adjust what the CC 2015.1 user had done.

Enter presets, which can change settings even without a UI.  Friend and colleague Stu Maschwitz of Prolost has posted free dehaze presets that you can install in your perpetual copy of Lightroom 6.1 and gain the ability to use Dehaze, without having the Dehaze slider.  Stop by and download them, and let him know I said hi while you’re there.

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