Adobe Lightroom User Group Presentation

In case you missed it due to the rain, Adobe has posted a link to the video from the Lightroom talk I gave on 12/2/2014.  (Please be patient, it’s a little slow to load.)  I probably over-scheduled myself and tried to fit too much into the hour, so it’s great that there’s a video for anyone who wants to review.  During the talk I showed a slide with a bare-bones version of my workflow.  Here it is again so you don’t have to go through the video to find it.

A condensed version of the workflow I use for processing images in Lightroom and Photo Mechanic.

I also mentioned a couple of plugins.  One is Jeffrey Friedl’s bulk develop plugin.  The other is called Tree Mirror Export for replicating source folder structure in exports.  One additional interesting resource (not a plugin, just reading) is Jeffrey’s analysis of Lightroom’s Jpeg output qualities.

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