Adobe Lightroom and Canon 5d mark III

The Canon 5d mark III officially went on sale yesterday, and many of you already have one in your hot little hands. (Mine comes on Monday!!)

If you eagerly ran out and shot a few frames, then tried to import into Lightroom, you discovered that Lightroom isn’t ready for the 5d3 yet. Full-release support is likely coming soon, but in the mean time there’s a way around this issue. Download the DNG Converter 6.7 Release Candidate from the Adobe Labs site.  You want to get the DNG Converter, not the Camera Raw plug-in.  (Though you’re welcome to grab that, too.)

After the DNG Converter is downloaded and installed, use it to convert your files to DNGs.  Now you can import these converted DNGs into Lightroom.

Once ACR 6.7 goes in to full release, Lightroom will tell you updates are available and you’ll be able to do imports without going through this step.  Just be sure the “automatically check for updates” box is ticked on the “general” tab in your preferences.

Happy shooting!

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