Canon 5D Mark IV Announcement Coming Soon

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

According to Canon Rumors, the Canon 5D Mark IV will be announced on August 25, 2016.  CR has indicated that they’re confident this is fact, not rumor.

When the original 1Dx was announced, Canon then later put the same AF system into the 5D mk III (albeit with a slightly slower processor, but otherwise the same sensor array.)  As an extremely happy user of a 1Dx mark II, I can say that if they repeat the same thing (copy the AF system into the 5d mark IV,) then shallow-focus shooters will be made very happy with the new 5d.  I find my 1Dx mark II is incredibly precise even at f1.2.  Plus it focuses and tracks in light so low it’s hard for even me to see.  More on this later in a bigger post.

How do you feel about the upcoming announcement?  Is this “must have,” “wait and see,” or “who cares”?

Read more at Canon Rumors.

Author: Gavin Farrington Photography

San Francisco & Los Angeles wedding photographer specializing in capturing natural, candid moments.

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