How To Duplicate Masks & Brushes in Adobe Lightroom CC / 6

Have you ever wanted to copy or duplicate a radial filter, graduated filter, or brush mask in Lightroom?  Now you can.  In Lightroom 6 / CC, simply hold down the ALT & CTRL (ALT & CMD for Mac) keys while clicking and dragging the pin for the mask.  Prefer a quick video?  Your wish is my command.

Author: Gavin Farrington Photography

San Francisco & Los Angeles wedding photographer specializing in capturing natural, candid moments.

6 thoughts on “How To Duplicate Masks & Brushes in Adobe Lightroom CC / 6”

  1. How can you copy a brush setting for another photo? I adjusted a standard brush setting and would like to use the same setting on another photo without having to re-adjust the brush settings.


    1. When you Synchronize Settings, be sure “Local Adjustments > Brush” is checked. You can also do this for Graduated Filters and Radial Filters. This will copy the actual masks to all selected images.

      If you simply want to have access to the same brush settings as before, then create a brush preset. After you get your brush settings set the way you like, look at the top of the brush settings panel where it says “Effect: xxxxxx” Pull down this menu, and look for “Save Current Settings As New Preset…” Name it something that makes sense to you, and you’ll be able to come back to those same settings any time you like.


  2. Hi Gavin, struggling to find how to do this: I want to copy the settings of an Adjustment Brush to a new one on the same image, but only the settings and not the areas brushed in. In other words, the same settings but to a new pin not brushed in yet,


    1. Hi Harris. This article describes how to duplicate a brush/filter inside the same image. For what you want to do, there are a couple options. First, you could sync image settings (CTRL SHIFT S,) be sure to include all “local adjustments,” then erase and re-paint the brush in the new image. Another way would be to save your brush settings as a preset. With the brush tool open and the pin you want to copy selected, look near the top of the sliders for the brush. You’ll see “Effect: (edited)”. Pull down the menu on the effect name (it’s a up-down arrow at the end of the effect name,) and look near the bottom for “Save Current Settings as New Preset…” Here you can name and save brush presets so you can use them anywhere.


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