Lightroom CC / 6 Receives 6.0.1 Patch

If it hasn’t happened already, then very soon you’ll see a small update arrive in the form of a patch for Lightroom CC / 6.  This will update you to version 6.0.1, and fixes two issues.  First, it corrects the problem of Lightroom’s help files linking to the wrong server.  Second, it corrects an application hang on startup.

You may have noticed that the installer for Lightroom CC / 6 now more closely matches that of other Creative Cloud applications.  Part of the motivation for this was that Adobe can now deliver updates as lightweight patches, rather than requiring you to download and install the entire application.  Consequently, do not uninstall Lightroom.  This patch requires that the base application be installed in order to work.  While nobody has a crystal ball, you can expect this patching system to be the way that that Adobe typically delivers updates in the future.

[Edit] Looking for download links?  I’ve got a post on how to manually download the patch right here.

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Author: Gavin Farrington Photography

San Francisco & Los Angeles wedding photographer specializing in capturing natural, candid moments.

7 thoughts on “Lightroom CC / 6 Receives 6.0.1 Patch”

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of this issue, MJ. Unfortunately I don’t have any touch screen hardware of my own to test on. Do you know this to be an issue for all touch-screen hardware? Or just yours?


  1. hi Gavin. i opened an issue on the Adobe site, and there is one other person that apparently has the same problem, but i suspect that many more do but don’t know it yet. with Lr 5.x i was able to use my 10 point touch screen for adjustment brushes. you can imagine how precise and convenient using one’s fingers is! Lr 6.x mis-interprets the brush strokes as a Control+[right arrow] (like a swipe) and moves to the next photo in the filmstrip. here is the URL for the support topic:

    thanks Gavin.


    1. Hi MJ. I brought that thread to the team’s attention, and it looks like Julie has responded. It’s probably not quite the response you were hoping for, but at least you know the team is aware and working on it.


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