Lightroom CC / 6 Receives 6.0.1 Patch

If it hasn’t happened already, then very soon you’ll see a small update arrive in the form of a patch for Lightroom CC / 6.  This will update you to version 6.0.1, and fixes two issues.  First, it corrects the problem of Lightroom’s help files linking to the wrong server.  Second, it corrects an application hang on startup.

You may have noticed that the installer for Lightroom CC / 6 now more closely matches that of other Creative Cloud applications.  Part of the motivation for this was that Adobe can now deliver updates as lightweight patches, rather than requiring you to download and install the entire application.  Consequently, do not uninstall Lightroom.  This patch requires that the base application be installed in order to work.  While nobody has a crystal ball, you can expect this patching system to be the way that that Adobe typically delivers updates in the future.

[Edit] Looking for download links?  I’ve got a post on how to manually download the patch right here.

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Lightroom CC / 6 Photo Merge to HDR’s Deghosting

Here’s another quick video tutorial for you about the impact that deghosting has on the image quality of an HDR merged in Lightroom CC / 6.  The image noise shown in the video is a result of Lightroom depending on a single exposure for the image areas where deghosting was applied.  You can minimise this issue by being careful to hold the camera steady, and only photograph stationary subjects.

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Correct / Remove Chromatic Aberration in Adobe Lightroom

Chromatic Aberration, purple fringing, green fringing, CA… call it what you will, it can be really distracting in an otherwise beautiful image.

Purple fringing in a photograph shot at f/1.6

How do you remove it, and can Adobe Lightroom simplify the process?  It sure can, and I’ve made a quick video to help you understand Lightroom’s defringe tool, how to use it, and what to watch out for when you do.  As with all my Lightroom Minute videos, this one is quite short so you can get back to work rather than listening to some blow-hard for 20 minutes trying to get to just the 1 minute of content that you really need.  If you appreciate the brevity, please subscribe to my channel and consider sharing this article.

Lightroom CC / 6 Also Does Vertical Panoramas

Yes, Lightroom CC / 6 can stitch vertical panos.  Larry asked this question after watching my YouTube video about panorama stitching with Adobe Lightroom, so I thought an actual sample would be better than a simple “yes.”  Here’s a vertical pano I shot back in 2011, which merged without a hitch in Lightroom CC / 6.

The merge preview of a stitched vertical panorama from Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger size.
Finished vertical panorama stitched by Adobe Lightroom CC / 6
Click for larger version.


Can I Rerun Face Detection in Lightroom CC / 6?


At least, as of the initial release, not officially.

If something got messed up and you deleted face regions thinking Lightroom CC / 6 would re-index them, you already found out that this doesn’t work.  And Adobe provides you with no official way to restart face detection on an image, so this kinda leaves you in the lurch.


Nevertheless, there are two tricks that might help. Continue reading Can I Rerun Face Detection in Lightroom CC / 6?

Lightroom 6, “Features & Updates Not Included”

Some took notice of unusual wording around the “Buy now” button of Lightroom 6 (the name for the traditional / perpetual / standalone / non-CC version of Lightroom CC 2015).  This wording has since changed, but for the first day it read (in part) “feature updates not included.”  The wording has since been changed to read simply, “mobile capabilities not included,” but it was up long enough to cause the conspiracy theorists to start beating the drums.


Some were saying that Adobe would not fix bugs or add new camera support.  If this had you worried, hit the jump to read more.

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Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 Shows Blue Box in Develop

Seeing a blue box or screen in the Develop module?  Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6 goes through a few checks to be sure your GPU is compatible with the new GPU acceleration.  If the checks fail, Lightroom automatically disables GPU acceleration and falls back to the old mode used by Lightroom 5 and earlier.  You won’t get the enhanced performance benefits, but at least the application will operate without interruption.

In spite of this, in some rare cases the checks may leave GPU acceleration enabled even though your machine isn’t compatible.  When this happens, often your hardware is up to snuff, but your video driver is out of date.  Some reports indicate this is more common with AMD/ATI drivers, but if you use a different card type don’t panic, the troubleshooting steps are the same.

Here’s a mock-up of what you might be seeing:

Lightroom CC / 6 Blue Screen in Develop Due To Bad Video Drivers Or Hardware Incompatibility
Click for larger version

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Lightroom CC Won’t Launch (“Crash”) After Installing

A few people have run into a glitch just after installing Lightroom CC.  The install finishes normally, and then when you try to start Lightroom, it flashes on the screen then almost immediately disappears.  It looks like a crash, but as best I can tell it’s actually license authentication that’s failing.

If this is happening to you, simply log out then back in on your Creative Cloud utility. It’s not enough to exit and restart, you must log out by going to the gear icon in the upper right > Preferences… > Sign Out.

Sign Out of Adobe Creative Cloud Util step 1 Continue reading Lightroom CC Won’t Launch (“Crash”) After Installing

Lightroom CC/6: Uninstall Now Required

Heads-up Mac users.  Adobe is now stating that beginning with Lightroom CC 2015 (AKA Lightroom 6,) if you need to reinstall the app,  you now MUST use the uninstall utility.  Windows users have been doing this for years, so life doesn’t change for them.  Mac users, however, are generally accustomed to dragging the application folder into the trash.

Going forward with Lightroom, Adobe doesn’t want you to do that.

Any time you want to uninstall Lightroom beginning with CC 2015 / 6, you must use the uninstaller.  Do not drag the folder to the trash.

This does not affect Lightroom 5, which you may have installed alongside the new version CC / 6.

This also does not affect dot releases.  Now that Lightroom CC is officially and thoroughly embedded into the CC utility, dot releases will be delivered as a patch through the CC utility.  There’s no need to uninstall the previous version in this case.