Does the Datacolor Spyder 3 Pro work with Windows 8?  In a word, “yes.”

This bears mentioning only because, if you paid attention to the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor for Windows 8, the Spyder 3 Pro was flagged as a software item that would require a “paid upgrade.”  Well never fear, my dear reader, as this information is incorrect.  I’ve just finished installing Windows 8 Pro on my computer (whether it’s pro, home, or otherwise should be irrelevant,) and the Spyder 3 Pro software is working quite nicely.  I’ve already calibrated and profiled one screen, and my other screen is ticking along nicely as I type this.

In case you’ve lost the installer for your software, you can download it from Datacolor here:

Happy upgrading!

As of 7/27/2013, I’m still using the Spyder 3 Pro on Win 8 without any issues whatsoever.  I just updated the link to the download area, as the link originally posted had expired.  Enjoy!


As of 10/17/2013, I’ve updated to Windows 8.1 and the Spyder 3 Pro continues to work great.

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7 Responses to Spyder 3 Pro & Windows 8

  1. Brian says:

    You have made my day!

  2. Damian Strain says:

    You’re lucky. I have Spyder 3 elite and using windows 8 pro and it won’t even recognise my touchscreen computer/monitor even afte downloading the 4.0.2 software. It won’t even let me in to pay for the license. It just states I need to update my video card drivers but these are all up to date after installing windows 8.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Gavin says:

      The Elite and Pro models are based on the same core software, if I remember correctly. On the licensing screen, I just copy/pasted in the license I’ve used all along and it worked fine. The fact that you’re getting an error about your video card drivers suggests that perhaps you should explore that direction a bit. What video card do you have? Are you using Windows Update to get the latest driver, or are you getting it directly from the chipset manufacturer (probably ATI/AMD or nVidia?) Windows Update is well known for only providing very old, or minimal functionality drivers for video cards.

      If you have an ATI/AMD video card, start here:

      If you have an nVidia video card, start here:

      Follow the steps on either one of those pages to get the latest drivers for Windows 8, and give it another go, Damian.

      • Damian Strain says:

        Thanks Gavin for your reply. I have been to the nVidia site and downloaded drivers on their recommendation but the problem still persists. Spyder3 elite will just not recognise my monitor. It did perfectly in windows 7 using the same touchscreen so I can only assume the spyder software is not windows 8 compatible for 64 bit machines.

        Thanks again


  3. Penny Heuscher says:

    How many minutes does the installation of the spyder3 take and where are the Software Assistant’s directions? On the cd?

    • Gavin says:

      It doesn’t take long, Penny. A few minutes at most. I’m not sure what you’re referring to with the “Software Assistant.” I recommend downloading the latest installer directly from the website, rather than using what you have on your CD.

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