JPEG output in Adobe Lightroom 4 Book Module

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 does so many things right.  The IQ improvements in the develop module are significant enough that at times I feel like I’m shooting on a whole new sensor.

The book module is also a welcome addition, and one that I was looking forward to tinkering with.  I have high hopes that it can replace InDesign for most layout jobs.  That said, currently the only way to get custom layouts out of it is via PDF.  I work with a well regarded bookbinder in Texas who only accepts spreads as JPEGs, so this makes the entire book module a non-starter for me.

I contacted the folks over at Adobe, and was told that this is a commonly requested issue.  They directed me to a voting system they have at that the community can use to help them prioritize updates.  Is this feature minor enough that it could reasonably come as a .x (dot-ex) patch?  I don’t know, but they’ve rolled out larger changes this way before.

Anyway, please help vote for JPEG layout export from the Lightroom book module.  Is JPEG export something you can use, or is PDF enough?  Or perhaps the book module is of no use?  Tell me in the comments below.

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